Demonstrate Love.

In the hearts of people who do not believe in the Covid hoax, is an unimaginable sadness. Contrary to how we are feeling we are perceived as irresponsible, uncaring and often as uninformed idiots. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth – we are devastated for our loved ones who may be facing impending health crises’ and helpless when our words of warning are often bitterly rejected.

Meeting Of Minds.

There are many misconceptions surrounding what we as everyday people who challenge the narrative, do or do not believe in. I can speak for many I have met who state that they do not deny the existence of a harmful pathogenic illness is among us, we all know someone who has been very unwell or has passed away from the symptoms of what is known as Coronavirus but we, by looking at government statistics, know that the illness does not qualify as a Pandemic that requires mandated and virtually untested vaccinations. Many of us are seriously questioning the manipulation of the crisis as covert means to bring in monumental and dangerous changes into our society.

I for one have begun to lose communication with some of my beloved friends and family for my stance on the subject. I am experiencing online bullying and have personally witnessed comments on Facebook from friends suggesting the non vaccinated should be rounded up and shot, another friend said she read similar but that we should be gassed, it is a very sad and unprecedented time to be living in.

Nonetheless I cannot change my views because I have spent a long time researching the subject, and have read so much evidence that there is no mistaking what I am seeing. We have been lied to on a monumental scale, and that is very hard for many to comprehend — rather than changing one’s mind or perspective it is perhaps easier to carry on vehemently protecting oneself from the truth than humbly admitting we may have been wrong. After all the repercussions may be huge, so huge that the truth may be impossible for some to comprehend. Above and beyond what I have researched, I know in my soul that something is not right about what we are being told.

And so we, those that do not consent must find the humility to empathise with those who do. After all is what ‘they’ are trying to do here is to divide and conquer? Now more than any other time in my life, humility and kindness is needed to stay functioning within society.

Yesterday’s Heretics, today’s Conspiracists.

The cheapest trick to discredit almost all alternative perspectives veering from mainstream media’s narrative, is the overused and and worn out insult — calling out someone who challenges this narrative as a Conspiracy Theorist.

David Coady, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Tasmania summarises upon the subject of so called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ for the conversation in 2018;

“If, as I believe, the treatment of those labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ in our culture is analogous to the treatment of those labelled as ‘heretics’ in medieval Europe, then the role of psychologists and social scientists in this treatment is analogous to that of the Inquisition.”

The vicious and worldwide attack on so called Conspiracy Theories, seems in itself a form of mind-fuckery. Is it a coincidence that this derogatory expression has been overused and exhausted as ammunition in an info-war society heavily dependent upon the perceived humiliation of the other side in order to affirm its own self belief and security? Is it a coincidence that it is now for the first time in western democracy that our online media is being censored to the extreme that an alternative viewpoint is almost hidden from site?

I say almost, because it does not take too much scratching off of the surface online, to find independent journalism on any subject of all things Covid. Is it a mixture of fear and laziness stopping people from doing their homework?

It’s not that simple. In fact when I noticed just how many so-called fact-checking sites existed online all of a sudden, I was intrigued to find upon requesting their funding resources with the use of the Freedom of Information Act, that almost all had one thing in common: funding from Facebook. As for everyone’s go-to debunking-bitch — Snopes, what authority have they to comment on current affairs after all? Looking further into Snopes’s murky background reveals some rather nefarious unprofessionalism which when you consider how the whole world appears to depend on them for verification, is a little worrying.

Resisting The Blame Game.

Can we really blame each other? we clearly have been stitched up, swindled, shafted — well and truly taken for a ride on the media circus, it’s no wonder most of us have shut down and stopped believing in our own instincts and relying on our own judgement. But, I am still going to resist defending my beliefs and trying to argue my corner, because educating others is not my responsibility. We are all perfectly capable of doing our own research in this phenomenal era of information. I am however going to give you a hint — don’t use Google as your search engine.

Despite sharing information on FB regarding some of what I have read, I have refrained from engaging in conversation on the matter of Vaccinations, and also I am aware that I have not voiced my own opinions, rather shared others.

I for one do not wish to be swept into the game of online bickering as I am painfully aware I am outnumbered, indeed I would get eaten alive — these people can be venomous and as a person suffering from tick-borne Lyme Disease and Morgellons Disease, my brain and my soul is not armed to take on this info war alone. No, no I am not going down that path so when you have read this article and embark on your tirade of abuse, don’t expect a response. You are of course entitled to your opinion, as am I.

For two, I have been lost for words. Yes I am able to see from the perspective of someone who has been pricked, and I understand why you may have been coerced into taking this inadequately-trialed poison. But words fail me whilst I watch this dystopian medical tyranny unfold and we lose our God given right to choose what goes into ours and our children’s bodies, how easily we give away our divine and precious DNA, attacking one another in the process.

My heart is breaking.

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