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I am from the south coast of England, where when I was the tender age of 17, I contracted or ‘developed’ a rare and controversial disease known as Morgellons Disease.

This strange illness was to become known globally, many decades later, only through the onset of the internet. Before this we all suffered in silence because this disease was so strange and otherworldly that most of us were too ashamed to speak out, or when we did, we were branded as delusional.

Nearly thirty years later, despite hundreds of thousands of sufferers speaking out, a flawed investigation by the Centre for Disease Control in the USA, and many suicides, Morgellons Disease is still not recognised. Its sufferers battle with severe health problems, alienation and neglect by family, friends and the medical profession. The situation is heartbreaking. The miss-information is fueled largely by websites such as Wikipedia and so-called debunking sites, neither of which rely on the latest scientific information which is being released by independent non governmental organisations such as the Charles E Holman Foundation.

I was however, diagnosed with Lyme Disease by one Europe’s most renown pathology labs in Germany. My Lyme test in the UK, like many other peoples tests taken by the NHS, was negative. Many people with Morgellons Disease are diagnosed with Lyme, the connection at the very least may be that they are both insect vectored (spread by insects such as ticks, mosquitos etc), and that one may be a co-infection of another.

The internet has become a ground breaking phenomenon in so many ways, none more positive than in the way it has enlightened, empowered and enriched the lives of people with Morgellons Disease, who would have otherwise been left in the dark and without support. Here I hope to summarise, document and weave the information I uncover.

Most of what I talk about here you will not find within the realms of mainstream medicine, and if you choose to further educate yourself into some of these subjects, a word of warning; its a jungle out there, inhabited by some pretty deceptive, double bluffing and commerce driven beasts. Debunking websites are ALL the rage. You may find that most alternative therapies that are helpful will be dismissed by these websites, most likely driven by or linked to big Pharma – which in turn seems to rely on a sense of fear and hysteria of the unknown and the fear of being branded a ‘conspiracy theorist’, for having an open inquisitive and questioning mind.

Your sense of judgement will eventually become astute enough as you learn more about alternative therapy and functional medicine to know when something has been trolled or ‘debunked’. For me it has been mostly trial and error, I am your very own human guinea pig when it comes to testimony, if not me then someone I know will have tried it, though……

I am not a doctor and do not give medical advice.

Debunking the debunkers; http://www.thrivemovement.com/debunking-debunkers.blog

Please support me by buying my book The Beast Lies Within – Secret Diary of a Morgellons sufferer here.

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