Demonstrate Love.

Freedom March, London June 2021.

In the hearts of people who do not believe in the Covid hoax, is an unimaginable sadness. Contrary to how we are feeling we are perceived as irresponsible, uncaring and often as uninformed idiots. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth – we are devastated for our loved ones who may be facing impending health crises’ and helpless when our words of warning are often bitterly rejected.

Meeting Of Minds.

There are many misconceptions surrounding what we as everyday people who challenge the narrative, do or do not believe in. I can speak for many I have met who state that they do not deny the existence of a harmful pathogenic illness is among us, we all know someone who has been very unwell or has passed away from the symptoms of what is known as Coronavirus but we, by looking at government statistics, know that the illness does not qualify as a Pandemic that requires mandated and virtually untested vaccinations. Many of us are seriously questioning the manipulation of the crisis as covert means to bring in monumental and dangerous changes into our society.

I for one have begun to lose communication with some of my beloved friends and family for my stance on the subject. I am experiencing online bullying and have personally witnessed comments on Facebook from friends suggesting the non vaccinated should be rounded up and shot, another friend said she read similar but that we should be gassed, it is a very sad and unprecedented time to be living in.

Nonetheless I cannot change my views because I have spent a long time researching the subject, and have read so much evidence that there is no mistaking what I am seeing. We have been lied to on a monumental scale, and that is very hard for many to comprehend — rather than changing one’s mind or perspective it is perhaps easier to carry on vehemently protecting oneself from the truth than humbly admitting we may have been wrong. After all the repercussions may be huge, so huge that the truth may be impossible for some to comprehend. Above and beyond what I have researched, I know in my soul that something is not right about what we are being told.

And so we, those that do not consent must find the humility to empathise with those who do. After all is what ‘they’ are trying to do here is to divide and conquer? Now more than any other time in my life, humility and kindness is needed to stay functioning within society.

Yesterday’s Heretics, today’s Conspiracists.

The cheapest trick to discredit almost all alternative perspectives veering from mainstream media’s narrative, is the overused and and worn out insult — calling out someone who challenges this narrative as a Conspiracy Theorist.

David Coady, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Tasmania summarises upon the subject of so called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ for the conversation in 2018;

“If, as I believe, the treatment of those labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ in our culture is analogous to the treatment of those labelled as ‘heretics’ in medieval Europe, then the role of psychologists and social scientists in this treatment is analogous to that of the Inquisition.”

The vicious and worldwide attack on so called Conspiracy Theories, seems in itself a form of mind-fuckery. Is it a coincidence that this derogatory expression has been overused and exhausted as ammunition in an info-war society heavily dependent upon the perceived humiliation of the other side in order to affirm its own self belief and security? Is it a coincidence that it is now for the first time in western democracy that our online media is being censored to the extreme that an alternative viewpoint is almost hidden from site?

I say almost, because it does not take too much scratching off of the surface online, to find independent journalism on any subject of all things Covid. Is it a mixture of fear and laziness stopping people from doing their homework?

It’s not that simple. In fact when I noticed just how many so-called fact-checking sites existed online all of a sudden, I was intrigued to find upon requesting their funding resources with the use of the Freedom of Information Act, that almost all had one thing in common: funding from Facebook. As for everyone’s go-to debunking-bitch — Snopes, what authority have they to comment on current affairs after all? Looking further into Snopes’s murky background reveals some rather nefarious unprofessionalism which when you consider how the whole world appears to depend on them for verification, is a little worrying.

Resisting The Blame Game.

Can we really blame each other? we clearly have been stitched up, swindled, shafted — well and truly taken for a ride on the media circus, it’s no wonder most of us have shut down and stopped believing in our own instincts and relying on our own judgement. But, I am still going to resist defending my beliefs and trying to argue my corner, because educating others is not my responsibility. We are all perfectly capable of doing our own research in this phenomenal era of information. I am however going to give you a hint — don’t use Google as your search engine.

Despite sharing information on FB regarding some of what I have read, I have refrained from engaging in conversation on the matter of Vaccinations, and also I am aware that I have not voiced my own opinions, rather shared others.

I for one do not wish to be swept into the game of online bickering as I am painfully aware I am outnumbered, indeed I would get eaten alive — these people can be venomous and as a person suffering from tick-borne Lyme Disease and Morgellons Disease, my brain and my soul is not armed to take on this info war alone. No, no I am not going down that path so when you have read this article and embark on your tirade of abuse, don’t expect a response. You are of course entitled to your opinion, as am I.

For two, I have been lost for words. Yes I am able to see from the perspective of someone who has been pricked, and I understand why you may have been coerced into taking this inadequately-trialed poison. But words fail me whilst I watch this dystopian medical tyranny unfold and we lose our God given right to choose what goes into ours and our children’s bodies, how easily we give away our divine and precious DNA, attacking one another in the process.

My heart is breaking.

Morgellons, A Novel Treatment – Sacred 5-MeO-DMT Medicine Ceremony.

The use of a class of pharmacological compounds known as psychedelics to treat depression and addiction have recently been experimented with, within the realms of psychotherapy. The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore USA, gained regulatory approval in 2000 to initiate research with psychedelics in healthy, psychedelic-naive volunteers and spearheaded by Roland Griffiths, went on to open the  Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research. Their research has demonstrated therapeutic effects in people who suffer a range of challenging conditions including addiction (smoking, alcohol, other drugs of abuse), existential distress caused by life-threatening disease, and treatment-resistant depression;

“Johns Hopkins is deeply committed to exploring innovative treatments for our patients. Our scientists have shown that psychedelics have real potential as medicine, and this new center will help us explore that potential.”
– Paul B. Rothman, M.D., Dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Some plants containing DMT and psilocybin have been decriminalized in certains states of the USA and lifestyle and media company Forbes writes in a Feb 2020 article that all signs point to the use of psychedelics gaining in popularity and steam as vital mental health tool.

A ground-breaking 2019 pubmed study mentioned in the Forbes article aimed at assessing sub-acute and long-term effects of using 5-MeO-DMT, appeared to have positive results;

5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine (hereinafter referred to as 5-MeO-DMT) is a psychedelic substance found in the secretion from the parotid glands of the Bufo alvarius toad. Inhalation of vapor from toad secretion containing 5-MeO-DMT has become popular in naturalistic settings as a treatment of mental health problems or as a means for spiritual exploration. However, knowledge of the effects of 5-MeO-DMT in humans is limited.

My Experience.

What I experienced in an ordinary suburban semi in East Sussex UK, August 2020, I am unable to begin to express with words, no language on this Earth could encompass the feeling I felt that day, but I am compelled to try so that perhaps others who feel that they also need guidance of a spiritual kind, may have an insight as to what the experience and the setting entails.

Prior to attending the ceremony I was reassured to find the Shaman who I was communicating with, was cautious about what health issues I have and what medications I am taking, there was a documented negative interaction between Antidepressants and 5-MeO-DMT, but also he enquired about my heart health. Although I have a healthy heart I do have a diagnosed condition which means I struggle to control my heart rate due to my nervous system (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, commonly diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease) and this gave me some concerns. He responded to me after looking into my health issues and seemed content with giving me the go ahead. He had no knowledge or understanding of Morgellons Disease.

The decision to participate in a medicine called Bufo, from the Bufo Alvarius Toad of South America, was one of great consideration. In some ways after self medicating for the last seven years, with some improvements but still very far to go, this was my last ditched desperate attempt to find out…..why? I wanted to understand why me, and why me for 30 years. Most people I meet on the various health forums I observe, who have symptoms of Morgellons Disease, have recently developed symptoms, a few people around ten years but nobody as long as I have had it. It was only in recent years, due to the onset of the internet, was I forced to acknowledge it even existed in me. Prior to this it was a shameful secret I had run away from all my life. I did know deep down however, that something was casting some form of dark shadow over my life, and when I became too sick to continue life in around November 2012, I reached out to found others with this bizarre affliction, and that it had a name.

Morgellons Disease.

In the years that I spent running from the reality of this disease, I knew that someday I would have to face the music and confront what had been keeping me in poor health and spirit. By now I had become weary, and the intestinal parasite that I (and many others with Morgellons Disease) have been harboring inside me, has grown big. I knew in my heart that it was a spiritual encounter that I needed, and when I heard about DMT I instantly felt it was something I should do, but that I would do it only when I was ready. About twenty years passed until it came my way.

The many years of feeling compelled to try this psychoactive substance for both spiritual and medical purposes, coupled with anticipation of the outcome, culminated in a very apprehensive build up to my special day in August 2020.

Lonesome Lock Down.

I had spent lock down quite reflectively, and had spent time meditating, reading and developing a tentative relationship with Jesus through reading the inspirational book ‘A Course In Miracles‘ (ACIM) – I was in a good place spiritually, and my reason for doing the medicine was very clear and my question very concise. I wanted answers, thirty years spent looking for answers in this material realm was not revealing much apart from that there was many many people suffering with Morgellons who had the same hunch as me. A hunch, a pretty damn powerful feeling that although its symptoms are very real and often debilitating, Morgellons is primarily an energetic disease of a malevolent nature and it is being silenced due to some very sinister motivations detrimental to mankind. Difficult stuff to prove and I knew in my heart that the sacred toad medicine was where I had to go to ask.

I have never, ever, been so afraid in my whole life. But what willed me on was that if it helped, I could pass the knowledge on to all the other poor souls suffering the same afflictions.

The ceremony was facilitated by three ‘Shamans’, two men from Brazil and one lady from Poland. They were very welcoming, and before long I was witnessing the guy before me smoking the Bufo from the Shamans pipe, then consequently writhe around, legs thrashing a little but nonetheless he seemed not under too much stress, perhaps resisting something in his otherworldly vision but somewhat passively. This lasted for him, about 10 minutes whilst the Shamans continuously sang and chanted positive mantras and played various drums and percussion instruments. Another 10 mins and he was on his feet remarking he had never felt happier in his whole life. Nevertheless I had decided at that point not to go through with it, until that is they gently but firmly guided me to lie on the bed and told me it was my time. I had come too far to turn back now.

It took three turns, the first attempt was a lower dose of DMT which was nice but I did not ‘cross over’. I could feel the Morgellons parasite, situated in my upper spine, blocking the medicine. I feel it seemed to be there to block the flow of energy from my spine into my brain, nonetheless I knew that even this small dose had a profound effect on the parasite, as instantly my bladder filled up with huge volumes of urine (for me this is always a clear sign of maiming the gastrointestinal scourge inside me, this happens also when I drink the PB shakes I drink to remove it internally – the parasite releases a lot of ammonia). Also quite poignant for me was the burning sensation on the tip of my tongue from smoking the medicine (I had by now begun to realise the parasite has some kind of activity in the tip of the tongue, this was very active during medication with my three core protocol to treat Morgellons and I had also had many recurring dreams about pulling MD fibres from the tip of my tongue) I was glad it had burned my tongue and I intuitively felt like it was a positive step towards battling this strange entity that had gripped my body and soul for too long. The second dose was 5-MeO-DMT, a similar substance but more powerful and obtained from the Bufo Toad. Again even more volumes of urine – something I noted did not happen to the other participants in the ceremony. I was able after two doses of DMT to very easily walk to the bathroom and back without assistance, which was a relief to know.

The Other Side.

The third attempt was too powerful for the parasite to block, within a few moments of holding my smoke filled lungs, my peripheral vision began revealing psychedelic patterns, the Shaman lady gently lay me down, and I finally intoxicated enough to know there was no going back, faced my fears.

There was an almighty panic, it felt like my ‘reptilian’ brain, or my ego was terrified and a feeling of immense impending doom was upon me as I flew warp speed through what felt like some kind of portal to another world. Resistance was evidently futile, although I have no recognition of any further difficult period, I feel that I may have experienced and released trauma. Who knows where I went before I ended up cleansed and in a very different place. One of divine love and support, where I was shown a vision that I consider a gift from heaven. My questions were answered, and I lay weeping with relief and humbled in the presence of great spirits who knew me and loved me, and had been waiting for me for a very long time. You can read my full vision here.

My Vision was focused around a central ‘vortex’ of light, being shown to me by a divine higher order, in a fleeting moment tremendous knowledge was given me and I was connected with 1000’s of other Morgellons Disease Sufferers.

Before and After Scan.

I use Bioresonance Diagnostic Therapy to observe my health and ongoing self medication to treat both Lyme and Morgellons Disease. It took me at least a week before I was in the right frame of mind to do a Bioresonance scan, such was my delicate disposition following the Bufo Ceremony.

What was astonishing was the fact that my intestines where very clear, compared to the scan I did a week before the ceremony;

Here are the before and after screenshots, the symbols are indicated on a scale 1 to 6, and colour coded – the yellow hexagons are 2, red triangles are a 3 and 4. One being perfect condition six being poorest condition.

Intestines Before:

Screenshot (61)

Intestines After:

Screenshot (57)

I was surprised to see that post Bufo Ceremony there was a lot of pathogens scattered to the female pelvis area, specifically the bladder area, this area was very healthy prior to the ceremony. I had been experiencing high volumes of urination during and after the ceremony suggesting to me that the kidneys were probably working very hard to flush out toxins:

Screenshot (60)
Female pelvis area heavily infected with Morgellons pathogens, indicated by the dark squares and red triangles. Yellow dots indicate healthy areas.

The pathogens in this area were (in order of severity):  

Mycoplasma Hominis, Trichomonas, Pinworms, Nematodes, Ascaris.

Also plasmacytoma (plasma cell tumor).

Also very striking was the fact that the skin in the torso area was infected where it had not been before, almost as if the Morgellons was emerging from the intestines area through the skin:

Female Body (skin) Before:

Screenshot (59)
Note always with Morgellons sufferers there is infection with Microsporum Canis, usually in right foot. Although this infection is usually not visible, and no apparent symptoms, the scanner always picks up on this.

Female Body (skin) After:

Screenshot (58)

Pathogens in this area include (in order of severity):

Leishmania Donovani, Fasciola, Liver Tapeworm, Parasites Follicular, Mycosis Fungoides, Mucor Racemosus, Psittacosis (avian disease), Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Tinea Cruris.

Also ‘Trauma’.

Thirteen days after the Ceremony, my latest scan shows a similar picture to what it was a week before the ceremony. I am a little sad to see the healing has seemed to stop, but I have faith that it is still happening on a subtler level, one at which is more manageable, as the healing that was going on up until a few days ago was very difficult to merge into every day life.

Healing Downloads.

An almost sleepless night followed filled with a mixture of fear and excitement, as my imagination relived the experience of my vision over and over again, it was the most beautiful place I had ever witnessed and I didnt want the memory to ever fade. Despite not sleeping I had great energy the next day, what was I to do with this experience I had received? I felt like I was receiving messages from a higher source – very important messages which were indicating to me that I had an important purpose in the world, there was a sense of urgency moving me forwards and at times I felt that there was a great spirit being born into me, this feeling culminated about 7 days after the Ceremony, when I felt I had been reborn – my body was ecstatic and I was filled with a sense of what I can only describe as divine empowerment. There were times when I felt I could explode into shards of white light.

‘Downloads’ were coming to me in waves, beginning the evening on the day of the Ceremony with the feeling of what I can only describe as hyper-reality. Trying to sleep on the first night was impossible as the second I would drop off, I was catapulted to another reality – this feeling was too overwhelming to manage, my heart felt like it was going to stop and I was filled with almighty panic. Surely it wasn’t supposed to be this difficult?

Despite moments of elation, the following week or so had been very challenging with moments when I truly believed I was dying – during a download I was informed that I was about to die, my heart was racing and the realisation was terrifying, I demanded NO, my time was NOT now! and I fought against the overwhelming sense that I had reached the end of my life, my work I was told had been done – by reaching the higher state of consciousness that I had attained during the Ceremony. I do not know exactly how, but by reaching this state it appeared that I released some form of cosmic universal healing and contributed to securing the future of mankind.

That is a humbling experience, I can tell you.

Psychic Interference.

Events unfolded around me that felt very ‘guided’ and I began feeling that everyone around me had come into my life for a reason, and that reason seemed to all lead to some kind of healing, and that now the time had come for Peace on Earth.

I had become aware some months back that I had been surrounded by people throughout my life who suffered with various mental health issues, albeit diagnosed or not, there was a peppering of Aspergers, Bipolar, Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression, and I had questioned why this was. I began to understand by guided thought, that these people were not necessarily sick, but were experiencing glimpses of a new world whilst suffering from a kind of psychic or spiritual ‘interference’. That this interference was orchestrated by a dark force on this earth intent on blocking people from realising their full potential and their true mission on this Earth. That there was a powerful awakening happening around me – and I was playing an equally important role.

I had been cultivating a relationship with Jesus prior to the Ceremony, something that I had embarked upon during the peaceful era of Covid lockdown, and had reached out to a local Christian family living on my road. This became a much needed support network during my post Bufo phase, there were times when the small group of Christian men and women truly ‘held’ me, though I wasn’t sure if I what I had embarked upon would be seen as a demonic practice in their eyes – I was afraid they would judge me. For me the experience strengthened my faith tenfold. There were no demons or aliens only a Holy, higher order.

Medical Directions

Times were much harder I began to realise, because I had stopped taking the parasite medications which I had been on for 6 months prior to the Ceremony. I was guided that I should in fact continue with these, and I noticed that the healing ‘downloads’ came in about 20 mins after ingesting the Fenbendazole, Disulfiram and Terbinafine. The experience became a very positive one after this, and I was guided to understand that these medications I had researched into, purchased and taken at my own risk, were sacramental and I had also been guided to take these, that the healing energy was designed to work with the pharma meds; the pharma meds were paralysing the Morgellons parasite so the Christ consciousness healing could get through. After realising this it became clear to me that the Fenbendazole had a short half life of about only 4 hours – after which time I would start to feel the negative force of the Morgellons parasite coming back. So I began taking Fenbendazole four times a day instead of once or twice, I felt guided to do this and also directed to be much more organised in my timekeeping with my medications in general.

The downloads were of a few different genres; the bright white ‘atomic bombs of light’ came whilst I was falling asleep, at first it was terrifying, but back on the medications it became a beautiful experience. Without the medications it was truly a war going on inside of me. Accompanying one particular bright light was the word ‘Rejoice’, and so I allowed myself to let go of fear and panic.

Another kind of download would come when I listened to the mantra, or chant, that played during my vision. If I had taken the parasite meds, then the chant would seem to open up a kind of portal and this was often when I would receive the guidance, if I did not take the parasite meds, It would be very powerful but a traumatic experience. On every occasion my mouth would instantly start hyper salivating and it felt like the Morgellons ‘spirit’ leaving me through my mouth, it was a very profound sensation of something like a kind of gas exiting me, this was accompanied by a strange taste which something which had been happening to me, on a subtler scale, for a few months previous to my Ceremony and had me baffled as to what was causing it. A salty, metallic taste. I elaborate this experience more here.

I was directed to understand that the three meds I had been taking had created a powerful synergistic effect on the Morgellons parasite and had been allowing the Christ consciousness healing into me for some time, the hypersalivation and the strange taste is the parasite die off, and that this is the sign that it is leaving the body, as were the strange, overwhelming coma-like sleeps that I had been experiencing for some time. I was informed a spiritual awakening on Earth has been well underway for some time, but the dark forces at play in the form of human parasites, had obscured the intensity of the light by blocking our bodies ability to receive.

Day by day in different areas of my body I could feel profound sensations of something dying, a sharp pain in each of my ovaries, spasms in my left wrist (where I had removed a large Morgellons plaque like structure some years earlier and my friend also had found one in the same area of her left wrist). My left arm often felt very light and ethereal whenever I experienced a healing download. There was a feeling that something was dying in the tip of my tongue. I had very little interest in eating other than small amounts of plant based foods, and fruits. Everything I ate felt almost as if it was the first time I had eaten it; my taste became hyper sensitive, not confused like before, but magnified.

When I met with my Mother during this period, she said she had been suffering with salivation issues, and a feeling of burning on the tip of her tongue and that she had been prescribed something for this ‘condition’ by her General Practitioner.

In the last few months I have observed several other Morgellons sufferers complaining of identical symptoms regarding taste and salivation, despite them being on different medications.

Instinctively or perhaps divinely I realised that Morgellons is rooted in the left of face, left ear and tongue and that is is something to do with energy centres in the body, it is motivated to manipulating or controlling a particular hemisphere in the brain.

During the week after the Ceremony I attended a routine eye examination, I would have cancelled this due to my delicate and unpredictable state at that time, but something was telling me it was an important appointment. During the appointment I was told my Autoimmune Dry Eye Disease had reversed and my tear film was actually over oily.

Who knows if the Bufo experience will one day have contributed towards the curing of Morgellons Disease in my body, but there is comfort in the knowledge that what I was shown in my vision was a happy ending, I was shown that the war had already been won, somewhere and sometime beyond my understanding.

What now?

What I am to do with the knowledge I was given, I am unsure of. I continue to read ACIM, and visit my bible class once a week, and have found a new interest in life, in learning the bible. Whether medicinal substances like DMT or Bufo would ever be recognised as legitimate spiritual experiences according to Christianity, is questionable but it is recognised as a religious sacrament in many other faiths.

The question or debate as to whether or not the ingestion of psychedelics is unholy, or demonic in any way is a challenging one. All I can say is that although the beginning of my experience was briefly traumatic, the vision I had brought me the most intense feeling of love and peace and had not one suggestion of anything negative or evil. It has left me with a passionate faith in Christ and I have become much more devoted to prayer since the Bufo medicine. I can also find great comfort that when I leave this mortal coil I have no doubt I have a place to rest.

Healing The Past.

During my guided download phase following the medicine, I began unravelling my life and it was almost like I was following a riddle, with clues and suggestions being left for me to receive, I began to understand the points in my life that I may have invited a negative force and I began to grieve some of the loss that I should have embraced along my path. Upon meeting up with another Morgellons sufferer to discuss my experience, we both acknowledged we shared a tumultuous relationship with our Mothers – this had also been a trait shared with several other ‘Morgies’ I had met. I felt that an attack on the sacred feminine aspect of spirituality within society and upon our Earth, was at the crux of this riddle, and as the days unfolded I began to feel that perhaps my own relationship with my Mother was reflecting as a microcosm of something much bigger on this Earthly plain. The repression, hatred and abomination of the feminine seemed to create a millennia of anger but also self loathing here on Earth, and dark forces have been psychically feeding on or devouring this. I began to understand that by healing my wounds I could strengthen my connection to the divine and weaken the Morgellons Parasite.

Invitation for Collective Prayer.

I invite you, all who read this, to visualize and pray for the Morgellons community to unite in our true sovereignty and in our suffering to transmute this Morgellons energy from fear into an almighty force for good as a divine manifestation of Peace on Earth – as it is in heaven. I believe that by experiencing the Bufo, 5-MeO-DMT or psilocybin, we may be able to achieve this vision quicker and effectively. I believe there is direction from this sacred medicine.

This is not just any old disease, like other Bio Weaponized diseases it’s stealth like and treatment resistant, and according to my vision during the ceremony, it is the central core, the crux of the worlds turmoil; Pollution (specifically Persistent Contrails), Diseases (including Coronavirus) and is the harbinger to the ultimate plan; full control of the human race through the implementation of Transhumanism via Nanotechnology and Smartdust, all terminology that is becoming more and more normalized as time ticks by.

Yes brothers and sisters, our suspicions and hunches may well be right.; we have a war on our hands and we must begin utilizing everything we can. We have some tools such as herbs, medications and diet, but I feel we need to move forward in our knowledge, and quickly.

For information on my personal protocol to treat Lyme and Morgellons please read here.

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